Thomas Matherly - Fissure Cat - is a singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist from Massachusetts. With a focus on healing and nature, he performs blues/folk/acoustic when playing solo and hard electric blues/rock n' roll with his current drummer Stefanie Jade Marotte. He fell in love with Beethoven, Miles Davis and The Beatles whilst gently floating in the womb. In 1987 he successfully exited the womb in New York City and continued his love affair with great music. Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden and many other popular grunge and rock bands captured his interest in the early 90's and have heavily influenced his music.
Fissure Cat began taking lessons on djembe, piano and violin at the age of three while growing up in Worcester Massachusetts. He has played a variety of other instruments including recorder and alto saxophone. He began playing guitar in 1997 and bass guitar in 2000. He has written over 40 original songs, which he is now sharing around the Pioneer Valley and Northeastern U.S.


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